Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrap up.....

Hey everyone....I had typed a few blogs and was waiting to add picture but I think I am just going to combine them into

We went to see ICE! A Charlie Brown was so very cute (kinda expensive for the amount of time you spend in there though) I realized just how cold I could actually be and

We also had some Christmas with my mom and brother on Christmas day:

and last but not least....some new pics of the pups!

so.......2009 is almost over and I have to say it was a year of ups....and downs.....but it ended on a very high note and I can't wait to see what 2010 has in store!
p.s. my news resolution is to become a better

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Lots of fun and exciting things going on at the Alcorn house these days.....

We just finished our first Thanksgiving, and can I tell you that it was amazing. I cooked (with the help of my mom) for my family and J's moms family. 17 people total ate here on Thanksgiving and I loved every exhausting minute of it! I am sure Christmas will be just as exciting. I love the holidays even more now that we are spending them together, somehow it makes up for my lack of family.

Here are few events since my last blog:

We adopted a dog.....Montana! She is a lab and so beautiful

We had our reception and it was amazing.

Montana stayed sick for almost a month but she is much better.

I have mended a relationship or two!

We decorated for fall....and packed up all the fall decorations without one single picture!

We completely redecorated most of our

I discovered I am much more creative than I ever would have thought. Well with ribbon and diapers and bows anyway....:)

We decorated for Christmas on Thanksgiving day (as if I wasn't tired enough)

I guess that is it although I am sure I have left something out but if I did I will let ya I will also post some pictures soon. I plan to be blogging more often. I mean really I have no excuses!

I should go for now A is coming over tomorrow to paint some pottery...gotta get up early!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I know I haven't blogged in.....well lets just say a long time. I know I am a bad blogger friend :(

On the positive side....things are going great. Being married is much easier than I thought it was going to

Although, I put off planning the reception (not because I didn't want to have it but because planning seemed slightly overwhelming) ...oh and it was ) but the procrastination is over! The reception is planned! I have a final meeting with the caterer today, does anyone wanna scream and shout? Oh wait just a minute I will. lol

It is a lot to get together, I can not imagine if we were doing a ceremony too. I know why wedding planners make so much money! At any rate I wanted to let you all in on a few of the details.......


And on a side note If you would like to stay at the hotel you will receive a discount...$139.00 a night but you must book by 10/15 and when you do tell them it is for the Ramsey/ Alcorn reception.


she is super sweet and has the most beautiful pictures!



My beautiful and awesome friend Darlene will be making my cake. I could not ask for anyone better she does amazing work!

The Tuxes:

The dresses:


Now that all the work is done I can not wait to celebrate with everyone!

I am sure there will be tons of pictures.....we are doing a family photo shoot on the 7th of Oct. so I will post those first. Even Seth will be there (if I can find him a shirt to match me and daddy) :)

Until next time....


Saturday, July 4, 2009

San Francisco, CA Day 2

Hey Guys!

We spent our full day in SF sight seeing and shopping. We really did take a ton of pictures but it takes way to long to upload them all on here, so if you want to see them go checkout facebook. We did really enjoy SF, even the cab drivers! lol

Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn

Friday, July 3, 2009

San Francisco, CA Day 1

Hey Guys!

We made it to San Francisco! It was a great day with lots to see so this might be a long post….
We first ate the BEST breakfast we have gotten at a hotel so far and guess what…… was a motel! Like you opened our door and there was the parking lot… None the less it was awesome food!

We went down US 101 for awhile and went through more redwoods, bought some people some stuff, and took some pictures. Just as we were turning off of 101 onto highway 1 we passed a sign that was driving through a TREE! So we turned around and had to try it……WE DIDN’T FIT! After our failed attempt and dozens of miles of curvy up and down roads….we saw the coast again. (Which I love) We ate some lunch in the Fort Bragg area and then cut back across to US 101 for the rest of the trip into the city.

The Golden Gate Bridge is AMAZING! I took a ton of pictures but I won’t be putting them all on here. (check facebook)

So we get to our hotel…..and most of you know I LOVE Hilton hotels…..we the service at this one sucks! I have already called the manager and complained. I won’t worry the details but I wouldn’t suggest staying here at these prices with this service!

Anyway here are the pics:

More Tomorrow!
Love ya,
Mrs. Alcorn

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eureka, CA

Hey guys!

We drove from Portland, OR to Eureka, CA today. We actually drove through the was AMAZING! The pictures do not do justice to how beautiful it was.

We also made it to the coast and saw the Pacific Ocean....I love water! lol :) (now if I could only get some sun with it!

Justin has an interesting story about today but I don't want to tell it for him so go check it out..... are today's pics:

My toes are
Huge Tree-Little Husband
It looked much bigger in person!

We are cute!

I Love it!
Ok's like 8:30 here and I am dead tired....night!
Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Portland, OR Day 2

Hey guys!

We spent our second day in Portland just hanging out together. We saw a movie, went to the mall, and ate at a local fish and chips pub. ( I got chicken this That was about just a couple pics...

Us at the movies


Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Portland, OR Day 1

Hey guys......

We made it to Portland, OR today.....It was a pretty drive...not as good as Montana but pretty none the less. My wonderful husband has stayed up to late the last couple of nights, so he is passed out (has been since 7:30) He is so cute when he That means we won't be out and about tonight but we are gonna see a movie tomorrow, do some shopping, and see some sights.

OH, I almost forgot....I ate fish for dinner! I know you can all stop freaking It wasn't so bad but it isn't something I am going to be doing often.... :)

I drove again today so not to many pictures......

One of us is usually driving so you don't get many pictures of us

Sand Tornado......It is hard to see but there were so many, it was awesome!

Wind turbines ( I think that is what they are called)

There is a snow covered mountain off in the distance

They were generating......I have only ever seen them generate from the bottom....never use the overflows.....

That's all for tonight guys!

Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn

Monday, June 29, 2009

Spokane, WA

Hello from the Pacific Time Zone!

I will also say that the time differences are killing me! It is only 9:30 here and I have been ready for bed for about 2

Right now we are eating dinner (thank God for room service b/c I wouldn't make it if we had to leave for dinner) in our totally awesome room at the Hilton in Spokane, WA courtesy of one very AWESOME Sherry.....and I think she might have told them it was our honeymoon :) b/c there was a really great basket waiting for us. We have stayed in several hotels in the last few days but this one is the best so far. Thank you 100 times over Sherry!

I drove most of the day so I really only have pics in from in Yellowstone, but they are some of the best!

The sign leading in......

For the record....yes the white stuff is snow!

Small Geyser that was erupting.....

Old Faithful.....sorry guys we couldn't wait for it to go off.


That's all for tonight guys....I am sooooooo very tired!

Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cody, Wyoming

Hey guys!

I don't have any really exciting stories today....well except that I killed a bird with my truck....and it got stuck and Justin had to dig it out of the grill with a plastic spoon! YUCK!

I don't have as many pictures today (esp Colorado, b/c I was driving) I did take a ton in Wyoming; it is the most beautiful state we have seen yet! If there were more people I think I would want to live here.

At any are some pics:

Yes, from the drivers seat! (CO)

I couldn't help it, I thought you needed to see what I was seeing. (CO)


There were three (appeared very old) tunnels.

Is that not just amazing!

Love you guys!

More tomorrow!

Mrs. Alcorn

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hello from the Mountain Time Zone!
We did make it to St. Louis last night.....after a small detour. We would never get lost, not us, I give the best directions At any rate we made it, the hotel was ok even with a double bed. We left about 8 this morning for Denver which included crossing the complete states of Missouri and Kansas. Can I tell you that the people in Kansas do not eat! We stopped at three exits trying to find a place to eat and NOTHING! We ended up waiting until just in side the Colorado line and ate a local steak house.

After dinner it was my turn to drive (since I haven't driven since we left Tennessee) I wasn't in the driver seat 10 minutes and got pulled over for doing 43 in a 35. I had no idea the speed limit was 35 in towns at home it is 45. At any rate the officer was super nice and didn't give me a ticket but he sure made me think he was going to!
I also want everyone to know that I love this state! The speed limit on the freeway is 75 so I don't have to speed to feel like I am actually moving. In addition to that.....the roads are amazing! Not that we have bad roads in Tennessee because we don't, but following KY, MO, and KS. Holy cow it was time for a smooth ride........and way here are some pictures from today.....I am sure that I will have more tomorrow, we are heading toward Yellowstone and staying the night in Cody, WY (pray for's a very small area but there weren't any other rooms available.


Just getting started!

Changing from KY to IL

I was going to try to take pics of all the state signs.....that didn't work out so well!

Kansas City


More Kansas

Even More Kansas

This is where my wonderful husband stopped for me to pee.....seriously!

I know my eyes are closed but it was way to bright to try again!

Made it to Colorado....yes those are dead bugs on the windshield!

Thought the sky was pretty :)
Almost to Denver

I thought these two turned out I am sharing them too!

More to come,
Mrs. Alcorn