Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rest....and Work!

Well, Well, Well....I guess my really precious little girl is just a little bit stubborn...I could never guess where she would get that not from She seems to think that the best place for her to be is so low that she is putting an insane amount of pressure on my cervix and my cervix doesn't really like. Which has led to lots of rest...laying down does away with the gravity issue.

The problem with resting so much is that I have a ton of stuff to do. I am trying to start a new business, I still have some work from the my last work at home adventure, keep my house work up, and still get ready for baby Taylor to come. Everyone has offered to help I only wish I was better at taking help.

At any rate...We have a very busy weekend ahead. Friday we have two meetings with two different pediatricians. I never thought I would have such a hard time with choosing a doctor for T but with my shot issues I have several conditions to her getting her shots and doctors don't seem to go for it...but if I can't find a doctor that is willing to delay her shots and do them one at a time...she WON'T be getting them. So it should make for a very interesting day.

We also have our 4D ultrasound on Friday afternoon. I think Justin might be more excited about this ultrasound than he was when we found out she was girl. I am sure I will be sharing pictures b/c he is wanting to show everyone the video.

And Saturday is our baby shower. Although I am the used to being the one planning everything (which makes it a tiny bit hard for me to butt out) I am so very excited. I am sure I will share some pictures of that too.