Monday, June 29, 2009

Spokane, WA

Hello from the Pacific Time Zone!

I will also say that the time differences are killing me! It is only 9:30 here and I have been ready for bed for about 2

Right now we are eating dinner (thank God for room service b/c I wouldn't make it if we had to leave for dinner) in our totally awesome room at the Hilton in Spokane, WA courtesy of one very AWESOME Sherry.....and I think she might have told them it was our honeymoon :) b/c there was a really great basket waiting for us. We have stayed in several hotels in the last few days but this one is the best so far. Thank you 100 times over Sherry!

I drove most of the day so I really only have pics in from in Yellowstone, but they are some of the best!

The sign leading in......

For the record....yes the white stuff is snow!

Small Geyser that was erupting.....

Old Faithful.....sorry guys we couldn't wait for it to go off.


That's all for tonight guys....I am sooooooo very tired!

Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn

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