Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with Greyson

We went to see Becca, Laura, and Greyson today to celebrate Christmas with them. We do this every year and each year it is a little bit different but so much fun. I am so glad to have friends in my life that love my child almost as much as I do. :)

Taylor was great all day and loves Greyson. Greyson loves HIS baby too!

Aside from a lego in the nose the day was perfect!

Christmas with Family

The day after Christmas we had several family members to visit with...Grannies was first then it was off to Justin's dads.
She had on the cutest outfit and some how we did not manage to get a single photo with her completely dressed without a bib!
Some pictures of the day:

 Oh how I wish I could write like that!

She sure does love her papaw!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was all planned out....then it snowed....and my brothers house caught that dang stomach bug so we had to change some plans.

Santa came to see Taylor:

Taylor just waking up

 All dressed to open presents:

 She was a present herself

 Opening her own presents

 Grandpa came to see Taylor on Christmas Day!
 My Mom made Justin this really ugly blanket for Christmas :) lol 
Lindsay and Taylor

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve my mom came up and we finished wrapping gifts and had some quality cookie bad the cookies tasted awful!

Apple Sauce and Oatmeal

Guess who is eating apple sauce and oatmeal for breakfast....Taylor!

We are on day three now and she eats like a pro right off the spoon. It is helping so much with out potty problems which is making mommy VERY happy.

How can you not just love her!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas in the Park

We had been looking for some fun family activities (that didn't cost a ton since Taylor won't remember any of it) for Christmas. B told me about Christmas in the Park so we decided to just so happened that Emily was wanting something for Samad too.

P.S. Its my 100th Blog!