Sunday, January 31, 2010

News and Happenings.....

It's almost February!!!! I can't believe that time is moving so fast.....WOW!

We have also seen more snow at one time this weekend than in the at least 10 years...I will get some pics on here soon.

There isn't really much going on (besides watching the Grammy's by the way I love Bon Jovi!) We are planning our vacation to Jacksonville, FL the first week of March. If someone can explain to me why a collage would schedule spring break before it was warm anywhere in the Continental United States, I would love to know. None the less we are hoping that it will warm enough to be on the beach and if we get to wear swim suits...well it’s just a bonus. We chose Jacksonville because of a hotel that we stayed in when we were in Charleston, SC. Aloft Hotel, it was awesome and they allow pets. We like to take our dogs with us on vacation. I can't stand the thought of leaving them in a kennel where they only get out to potty....if that.

I am leaving the hubby on Tuesday to go with L to Mississippi to pop in on a friend that is visiting there and maybe to do a little baby sitting for the G man. I am looking forward to the trip and some girl time with L in the car. I love road trips.....don't worry I will miss J.

We haven't found a house just yet but a few more went on the market this weekend so we will take a peek at those and see what we come up with.

As of yet I have not participated in any of the weekly blogs....but I am going to start Thankful Thursdays. I think it will be a good way to keep a positive attitude. So be looking for it, and if you don't find it feel free to email me and

Monday, January 18, 2010


We're moving on up....well maybe. :)

We have decided to buy a house. This is something that has always scared the crap out of me...and I thought that if I were married it would be a little easier. WRONG! After I spent the entire morning on the phone with mortgage brokers (and by the way I am going to talk to a few more) I was spent....It makes me very nervous. Maybe it is because I know that I will be "stuck" so to speak.

We haven't really "found" a house yet. I want to get the financials in order first, that will keep me from getting my hopes up about a house and then us not being able to get it and me getting all disappointed.

I did see a house on realtracs that I like and its at an awesome price so have a call in to go see it. I am hoping it will work out all perfect and that will be the house and the paperwork will all go through super easy but really I am so not holding my breath.

We do have a few things that are most important:
~ a back yard (we want it fenced in but I am not opposed to do that after we move)
~ a separate bath and shower in the master
~ a nice kitchen....cabinets are important people
~ a two car garage (for my truck is big)
~ I am paying attention to school districts too, I know we don't have kids but I would like to live in this house for 10 years or so and by then we might have kids in school (cross your fingers)
~ must have a formal dining room
~ 3 bedrooms and a min. of 2 full baths

We do love the house we are in most of the time but:
~we can't fence in the yard
~ mold in the summer
~ frozen pipes in the winter
~ my electric bills are STUPID high

I will miss this house, I have worked so hard decorating it....but I will enjoy doing it again I am sure.

<3 Sarah

Sunday, January 17, 2010

....the dogs.

My house has gone to the dogs....they have taken over. At this moment they are both piled on the couch with us....Montana weighs 70 pounds. She is wanting in the bed with us, on the chair with us, in the car with us. I am pretty sure she doesn't want to be out of my sight. I do love her! Its raining cats and dogs outside too, which means my dogs won't potty. lol

I know that I said I would blog more but dang it sometimes there just isn't much to say!

We did have more frozen pipes but those are all good now. I can't wait until we move, the heating bill here is sooooooo bad. I might even go back to work full time so we can get a

Last night I went out with the girls....well to dinner....I don't go "out". I love those girls and G is soooo cute and getting so big.

I think thats gonna be it for now....
<3 Sarah

Sunday, January 3, 2010


2010 has gotten off to a fantastic (holy cow freezing cold) start! Justin has been home most everyday since school is out, at least until Jan. 14th. We have been spending tons of time together and have gotten a lot accomplished around the house. The Christmas decorations are put away and the Valentines decoration (yes I am decorating for Valentines day this I think I am just gonna do it like Walmart holiday passes and you start putting out stuff for the are out.

Montana is doing great in school, her kindergarten graduation is next Sunday. I am very excited and proud of her, I just wish she would do all of those tricks at home when Seth is around....:) We did get her a new sweater and doggie warm shirt today. She isn't the biggest fan of clothes but she will get over it....she shivers outside right now.

The hot water pipe in my back bathroom sink is frozen. Luckily it is just the sink b/c the bath tub runs just fine. I have hoping that it doesn't cause damage!

I guess that is about it for now....

<3 Sarah

p.s. so far so good on the resolution :)