Thursday, December 3, 2009


Lots of fun and exciting things going on at the Alcorn house these days.....

We just finished our first Thanksgiving, and can I tell you that it was amazing. I cooked (with the help of my mom) for my family and J's moms family. 17 people total ate here on Thanksgiving and I loved every exhausting minute of it! I am sure Christmas will be just as exciting. I love the holidays even more now that we are spending them together, somehow it makes up for my lack of family.

Here are few events since my last blog:

We adopted a dog.....Montana! She is a lab and so beautiful

We had our reception and it was amazing.

Montana stayed sick for almost a month but she is much better.

I have mended a relationship or two!

We decorated for fall....and packed up all the fall decorations without one single picture!

We completely redecorated most of our

I discovered I am much more creative than I ever would have thought. Well with ribbon and diapers and bows anyway....:)

We decorated for Christmas on Thanksgiving day (as if I wasn't tired enough)

I guess that is it although I am sure I have left something out but if I did I will let ya I will also post some pictures soon. I plan to be blogging more often. I mean really I have no excuses!

I should go for now A is coming over tomorrow to paint some pottery...gotta get up early!

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