Friday, July 22, 2011


I am sorry for the lack of blogging. We were buying a house and moving and packing and unpacking it has been crazy! I promise I will dig my camera out and get back to taking pictures and blogging!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Months!

This month is super sad to me...she has reached her first set of double digits. I won't even lie and say that I didn't cry because I cried like a baby. You have grown so much and so fast it just doesn't seem far. I also know that 10 months isn't all that far from your 1st birthday and lets just say that the day of your birthday I might need a few good friends to come help me off the bathroom floor! (Grey's reference) 

* You weigh 20.5 lbs. and your 27 inches long. (60th percentile for weight and 12th percentile for height) 
* You are on the go. You crawl everywhere and now you pull up on everything. You want to walk so bad, you let go all the time and now you can stand without holding on. 
* Tooth #4 and #5 are in and #6 is working on. 
*  You moved into your new house. We hope that this house will the home that you always want to come back to. 
* You are still napping a couple times a day. They aren't long but just enough to let me get some house work done. 
* You are a water baby! 
* EATING- You don't really care all that much about eating and now it all revolves around when you are sleeping. I am telling ya our schedule is long GONE!
* We still have sippy cup issues!
* You celebrated your first 4th of July at Woofest even though we didn't manage to stay outside long. 
* You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and some 6-12 month clothes even though they are big. Who's idea was it to make a 6-12 months a size? 
*  Your still in a size 3 shoe
* Your hair is curly in the back (BOO!) 
*  Your not sleeping late either...if you can even call getting up at 4:30am sleeping through the night. I have tried everything I know to try to fix this but no luck!
* You still LOVE attention!
* You call me DADA, how mean is that!
* You wave bye bye ALL the time.
* You can say dada, momma, and doggy but only on your terms. 

10 Months
9 Months

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Teeth #4 and 5#

Taylors 4th and 5th teeth made an appearance today! Its her Right front tooth and the one beside it. Now we just need her left from tooth to show up to the