Saturday, July 4, 2009

San Francisco, CA Day 2

Hey Guys!

We spent our full day in SF sight seeing and shopping. We really did take a ton of pictures but it takes way to long to upload them all on here, so if you want to see them go checkout facebook. We did really enjoy SF, even the cab drivers! lol

Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn

Friday, July 3, 2009

San Francisco, CA Day 1

Hey Guys!

We made it to San Francisco! It was a great day with lots to see so this might be a long post….
We first ate the BEST breakfast we have gotten at a hotel so far and guess what…… was a motel! Like you opened our door and there was the parking lot… None the less it was awesome food!

We went down US 101 for awhile and went through more redwoods, bought some people some stuff, and took some pictures. Just as we were turning off of 101 onto highway 1 we passed a sign that was driving through a TREE! So we turned around and had to try it……WE DIDN’T FIT! After our failed attempt and dozens of miles of curvy up and down roads….we saw the coast again. (Which I love) We ate some lunch in the Fort Bragg area and then cut back across to US 101 for the rest of the trip into the city.

The Golden Gate Bridge is AMAZING! I took a ton of pictures but I won’t be putting them all on here. (check facebook)

So we get to our hotel…..and most of you know I LOVE Hilton hotels…..we the service at this one sucks! I have already called the manager and complained. I won’t worry the details but I wouldn’t suggest staying here at these prices with this service!

Anyway here are the pics:

More Tomorrow!
Love ya,
Mrs. Alcorn

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eureka, CA

Hey guys!

We drove from Portland, OR to Eureka, CA today. We actually drove through the was AMAZING! The pictures do not do justice to how beautiful it was.

We also made it to the coast and saw the Pacific Ocean....I love water! lol :) (now if I could only get some sun with it!

Justin has an interesting story about today but I don't want to tell it for him so go check it out..... are today's pics:

My toes are
Huge Tree-Little Husband
It looked much bigger in person!

We are cute!

I Love it!
Ok's like 8:30 here and I am dead tired....night!
Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Portland, OR Day 2

Hey guys!

We spent our second day in Portland just hanging out together. We saw a movie, went to the mall, and ate at a local fish and chips pub. ( I got chicken this That was about just a couple pics...

Us at the movies


Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn!