Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Portland, OR Day 1

Hey guys......

We made it to Portland, OR today.....It was a pretty drive...not as good as Montana but pretty none the less. My wonderful husband has stayed up to late the last couple of nights, so he is passed out (has been since 7:30) He is so cute when he sleeps...lol That means we won't be out and about tonight but we are gonna see a movie tomorrow, do some shopping, and see some sights.

OH, I almost forgot....I ate fish for dinner! I know you can all stop freaking out...lol It wasn't so bad but it isn't something I am going to be doing often.... :)

I drove again today so not to many pictures......

One of us is usually driving so you don't get many pictures of us together...lol

Sand Tornado......It is hard to see but there were so many, it was awesome!

Wind turbines ( I think that is what they are called)

There is a snow covered mountain off in the distance

They were generating......I have only ever seen them generate from the bottom....never use the overflows.....

That's all for tonight guys!

Love ya
Mrs. Alcorn

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