Friday, September 10, 2010

Bed Rest ....

Can I just tell you that I am no good at bed fact I am a terrible patient. I am stubborn and like things done my way which makes it hard for me to let anyone do anything for me.

I went in for a doctor visit yesterday totally expecting a normal visit. In fact the worst I expected was that he would tell me that I was dilating and would have to rest more. I had not been feeling great but I had totally chalked that up to being 34 weeks pregnant, swelling more, and being huge. (I had only gained 6 lbs. but it felt like 100) My allergies were sucking but its that time of year and I can't take my usual allergy meds I am having to use over the counter allergy meds and they SUCK! So I was stuffy and my head had been hurting...

My blood pressure has been perfect through out this entire pregnancy....until yesterday! It was high then we weighed....I gained 7.5lbs in two weeks. That is a huge jump considering I had only gained 6 in 8.5 months. So I was in the process of freaking out a bit over how I managed to gain nearly 8 lbs....when the nurse told me there was protein in my urine. I completely ignored her and ask how in the heck I had gained so much in such a short period of time. She said "Sarah its are swelling WAY to much" in an instant...I got it...this was a bad visit.

So when the doctor came in...I actually looked at him and said " This is a bad day" and he said well yes it is....
He listened to her heart beat and then did not even finish with the visit. Nothing was wrong with her heart by the way. He just didn't see the need in checking me if he was sending me to the hospital. He paused for minute and said we are going to do some blood not eat or drink anything until you hear from us. Your also going over to ultrasound. Side note: this was our 10th Ultrasound and we didn't have insurance. We were super close to having coverage (Justin changed jobs to a company that would offer us insurance) so we were trying to wait on the last ultrasound until it would be covered..I (joking because that is how I handle stress in front of people) said to the doctor that I was trying to wait because we would have insurance in the next two weeks. He turned and looked at me and said...."you won't be pregnant in two weeks"
It all sunk in at that moment....I was only 34 is to early! I held in all my tears and my moments of freaking out until I got through the blood work. Of course I went by I cried the whole walk back to my car...luckily I had a little time before they could work me in at the ultra sound place so I could get my crap I didn't have a lot on information at that point and my visit had already taken longer than normal so my phone had like 5 missed I didn't want to worry people just yet... especially since I was waiting about 2 hours to get a call back from the doc to find out if they were delivery her that day. He had told me that if it wasn't going to be that day that I would be on VERY strict bed rest. the ultrasound I went. She is amazing! She weighs about 6 lbs and was practice breathing...they scored her an 8 out of 8.  That made me feel so much better!

I had made it home before the nurse called me back....with good news. I didn't have to have her yesterday! (Praise GOD and thank you to everyone that was praying) I am on bed rest...I get potty breaks that I go back on Monday to check my protein levels again...and its a 50/50 chance right now that we will have her on Monday. It's still early and I don't like it. I know that babies are born early all the time and they do just fine. But NO mother wants her baby to born early when the certainty of lung maturity isn't available. If she is born Monday I will be 35 weeks 1 day, I actually think I may be about a week further along (she even measure that way in with her belly and head) but the doctors have me down at 35 so it will be considered 35. I know that she will be ok..but I am still praying that we don't have to have her on Monday. If I get to come back home on Monday then I will be back in bed and I will go back on Thursday to be checked again.

Now your all up to date and I gotta change

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still waiting....

We are thankfully still waiting on a baby...she has decided to hang out a bit longer. Nothing new to report really..she is about 5 lbs. and will get to see her again (we have only had 10 ultrasounds) next Thursday.

Just imagine all the pictures you will get to see once she is here...   : )

We did have a really awesome baby shower this month. I do have the greatest friends imaginable.

I wanted to attach a picture of the cake and brag about how awesome it was and give you a chance to order for yourself (or the next party)
You can reach her at:!/pages/Greenbrier-TN/Custom-Confections/145637212115640?ref=ts

Have a great night!