Monday, April 4, 2011

New Stroller...

I don't usually do product reviews but this is so worth it!

I have been wanting a new stroller for a very long time but I have to admit it was kinda overwhelming trying to find one. There are hundreds of brands and I have found that you can't really go to the store and look at them most have to be ordered online. After many hours of looking and thinking about what was important to me in a stroller..I FOUND IT!
The biggest selling point for Abiie is the diaper changing table built in to the seat. I have to say it was pretty genius. I used it at the zoo yesterday and it was super fast, easy, and other moms were very impressed.  
Justins favorite thing is the handle because it be adjusted for taller he doesn't have to hunch over push the stroller. 
I however am in love with the shade. It has two settings and completely protects her from the sun and wind and she can still see out. 
I got mine at They ship for free and super fast! (Babies R Us says they carry it in the store but after calling every store in a 50 mile radius I discovered that they don't carry it in the store in this region)  

*by the way...I totally thought for some reason this was British brand but it isn't they are from Texas. I must have been thinking about one of the other 200 stollers I looked

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