Sunday, April 24, 2011


Our Easter did not go as planned...not all bad just not as planned. We had planned to get up and have a little Easter here with Taylor and my mom.  (she came up last night to spend the night) 
 The Easter Bunny delivered! 
 Just waking up...
 I loved her response

Then go with Ott, Kristen, and Daisy to Ott's moms house, eat some lunch, have an egg hunt, and let the girls swim. Lets just say that mother nature had other plans! It stormed so bad on the way there with flooding and everything so those plans were scraped. We ate some lunch and just kinda visited for awhile. 

My brother called and wanted to try to see Taylor for Easter so I told him we wouldn't be there long and on the way home we would stop and visit with him and his family.

It had rained enough to flood a few of the roads between the two houses. The water had gone down but it left a lot of debris covering the road. Somewhere along the way I ran over some stuff and my back tire went flat....then we found a bolt in my front tire. BOO! So a call to AAA and an hour and half wait and we were good to go and ready to come home. I will now be spending my day tomorrow getting new tires....BOO! It was still a good day all in all. 

I don't want to forget the real reason we celebrate this holiday....we did actually go to Church last night. I am so thankful HE IS ALIVE! 

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