Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look Mom I am a Big Girl Now...

Taylor has never liked being in the car...We thought at first that it was because she was afraid of the dark...which she is afraid of the dark but that wasn't her problem in the car. We put a DVD player in the truck to try to make it easier for her...and it did help Mickey Mouse clubhouse fixes everything around here. However, car rides longer than 15 or 20 minutes usually ended in SCREAMING! I had just come to accept that was what it was going to be...

Until a friend of ours found out they were going to be having a little boy. Our car seat and stroller were really a boy set, I had just gotten covers for them. So we decided that since I wanted a new stroller anyway (and I will post about this awesome stroller) that we could give them our set. Taylor hated her car seat anyway and wouldn't let you leave her in it so we had been leaving it in the car anyway. She has been sitting in restaurant high chairs for awhile now and we started just last week letting her ride in the buggy at stores. Although she still falls asleep every time...I am glad I got a cart cover with a pillow. 

So we switched out her car seat. The new one will last until she in a booster so I call it a big girl seat...made me a little bit sad...for all of a day. We put her in for her first ride and HOLY CRAP...we did not hear a peep out of her. she played with her toys and watched her Mickey Mouse. I thought this just can't be real...but I took her grocery shopping the next day and she stayed in the car and watched tv in the garage while I unloaded the car....I didn't know it could be so easy. 

By the way we also moved her seat from the middle to the side of the back seat. I think now she is sitting up higher and can see out the window. Makes for a happy baby and happy mommy!

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