Thursday, October 21, 2010

The know it all that actually didn't know anything at all......

Oh yes....I am so talking about I am one of those people who always thinks my way is best. I always have an opinion and no they are not always right. I have said probably more than a dozen times..."My kid won't do that" or "When I have kids I won't do it that way" or "Why on earth would you let your kid sleep in your bed, your starting such a bad habit" HAHAHA!

Can I just say that I didn't have a freakin clue what I was talking You do what you can when you can and the best way you can at that moment. For the record:

My kid sleeps in the bed with me...because I am a better mom when I have had some sleep and the only way I get any sleep is if she gets sleep which is only happening when she is in bed with us. I want to break this habit but man we are struggling.

We are having formula issues so right now we are switching back and forth until her tummy decides that it will process one or the other.

I let my child sleep in her car seat because she will sleep there for a long period of time and that is not in my bed.

I left my hair dryer running this morning because the sound soothed her....long after I had finished drying my hair.

All the things that I said I would do ....yeah those are out the window...I will do what works and pray she turns out

Since she is screaming as we speak and her Daddy just doesn't do the trick for her this week...I gotta run!

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