Monday, January 18, 2010


We're moving on up....well maybe. :)

We have decided to buy a house. This is something that has always scared the crap out of me...and I thought that if I were married it would be a little easier. WRONG! After I spent the entire morning on the phone with mortgage brokers (and by the way I am going to talk to a few more) I was spent....It makes me very nervous. Maybe it is because I know that I will be "stuck" so to speak.

We haven't really "found" a house yet. I want to get the financials in order first, that will keep me from getting my hopes up about a house and then us not being able to get it and me getting all disappointed.

I did see a house on realtracs that I like and its at an awesome price so have a call in to go see it. I am hoping it will work out all perfect and that will be the house and the paperwork will all go through super easy but really I am so not holding my breath.

We do have a few things that are most important:
~ a back yard (we want it fenced in but I am not opposed to do that after we move)
~ a separate bath and shower in the master
~ a nice kitchen....cabinets are important people
~ a two car garage (for my truck is big)
~ I am paying attention to school districts too, I know we don't have kids but I would like to live in this house for 10 years or so and by then we might have kids in school (cross your fingers)
~ must have a formal dining room
~ 3 bedrooms and a min. of 2 full baths

We do love the house we are in most of the time but:
~we can't fence in the yard
~ mold in the summer
~ frozen pipes in the winter
~ my electric bills are STUPID high

I will miss this house, I have worked so hard decorating it....but I will enjoy doing it again I am sure.

<3 Sarah


  1. I love the blog design/layout keeps changing with each post.

  2. I love the way that your blog looks and look forwad to seeing you find a house-I love house hunting!

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