Sunday, January 3, 2010


2010 has gotten off to a fantastic (holy cow freezing cold) start! Justin has been home most everyday since school is out, at least until Jan. 14th. We have been spending tons of time together and have gotten a lot accomplished around the house. The Christmas decorations are put away and the Valentines decoration (yes I am decorating for Valentines day this I think I am just gonna do it like Walmart holiday passes and you start putting out stuff for the are out.

Montana is doing great in school, her kindergarten graduation is next Sunday. I am very excited and proud of her, I just wish she would do all of those tricks at home when Seth is around....:) We did get her a new sweater and doggie warm shirt today. She isn't the biggest fan of clothes but she will get over it....she shivers outside right now.

The hot water pipe in my back bathroom sink is frozen. Luckily it is just the sink b/c the bath tub runs just fine. I have hoping that it doesn't cause damage!

I guess that is about it for now....

<3 Sarah

p.s. so far so good on the resolution :)

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