Sunday, January 17, 2010

....the dogs.

My house has gone to the dogs....they have taken over. At this moment they are both piled on the couch with us....Montana weighs 70 pounds. She is wanting in the bed with us, on the chair with us, in the car with us. I am pretty sure she doesn't want to be out of my sight. I do love her! Its raining cats and dogs outside too, which means my dogs won't potty. lol

I know that I said I would blog more but dang it sometimes there just isn't much to say!

We did have more frozen pipes but those are all good now. I can't wait until we move, the heating bill here is sooooooo bad. I might even go back to work full time so we can get a

Last night I went out with the girls....well to dinner....I don't go "out". I love those girls and G is soooo cute and getting so big.

I think thats gonna be it for now....
<3 Sarah

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