Wednesday, September 21, 2011

12 Months!

This has to be hardest post I have ever written. I simply can not believe that my baby is a whole year old. I have been very emotional the last two weeks and I am thinking today isn't going to get any easier as we celebrate tonight. 

* You weigh 23 lbs. and your 28 inches long.

* You walk EVERYWHERE you want to go.
* You have 8 teeth all the way in but I can see 2 more getting ready to come through!
* You are still napping twice a day. They aren’t long but just enough to let me get some house work done.
*You are a water love bath time.
* Your sleeping until about 6:30am and well even if you wake up before then you play in your bed until then b/c momma has laid down the law and you are to learn to sleep better. (I apparently picked the law back
* You are wearing 6-12 month clothes
* You are wearing size 4 shoes.
* You love attention.
* You still call me Momma now!
* You wave bye bye all the time.
* You can say dada, momma, and doggy still but you won’t say them unless you want to. You still talk all the time but not in words that we can understand!

11 Months

12 Months

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