Tuesday, June 21, 2011

9 Months...

I can NOT believe you are 9 months old and getting closer to a year (which makes me very sad) I just can't believe how fast the time has gone.

* You weigh 19lbs. and your 26.5 inches long.
* You are on the go. You crawl everywhere and now you pull up on everything. You want to walk so bad, you let go all the time but that just leads to a fall down.   
* Tooth #3 is coming in. 
*  You picked out a new house :) 
* You are still napping a couple times a day. They aren't long but just enough to let me get some house work done. 
* You are a water baby! 
* EATING- You don't really care all that much about eating and now it all revolves around when you are sleeping. I am telling ya our schedule is long GONE!
* Finally found a sippy cup you will hold and drink from
* You have been to lots of baseball and soccer games. 
* I phased out most of your 3-6 months stuff...so you are in a lot of 6-9 months. 
*  You went to size 3 shoes
* Your hair is coming in so much better. You almost can't wear headbands anymore but your hair isn't really thick enough for the bow alone. :( 
*  Your not sleeping late either...if you can even call getting up at 4:30am sleeping through the night. I have tried everything I know to try to fix this but no luck!
* You still LOVE attention!
* You call me DADA, how mean is that!

9 Months
8 Months

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