Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 Months!

I can not believe it has been 3 months already! I simply want time to slow down enough that I can really enjoy Taylor at this age and soak up all of her cuteness.

* You weigh around 12 lbs. and are almost 22 inches long. (and thats rounding up)
* You still don't roll over but you are trying so hard to sit up on your own...its a little to early for that.
* You are growing some hair these days...not much but still its something.
* You are still sleeping in your bassinet, but as of today no more boppy pillow. You are moving around to much in your sleep now.
* You have been very hard to get to bed these days but once I get you to sleep...you sleep until 6:30 everyday.
* Lots and LOTS of drool but no little teeth yet.
* You are eating very well...5oz. every 4 hours and 6oz. at bedtime.
* We tried cereal for the first time about two weeks ago and you didn't really care for the spoon so we will try again next week. If you still don't like the spoon then we will wait a few more weeks.
* Santa brought you an early Christmas present ...a new floor mat! You LOVE it! You know which toys make noise and you reach for them until you can hit it over and over.
* You still LOVE your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
* You got an early Christmas present from Pa... a DVD player for the truck. This has kept your mommy sane when its dark outside.
* Yes you are still very afraid of the dark.
* You laugh so much now...you copy faces and sounds too.
* You still don't respond to your name...but mommy is working on that. (if we can just get everyone to call you by your name instead of all the 20 or so nicknames you have)
* You like to hold on to something all the time. It can be your bunny or a blanket it doesn't matter as long as its something.
* You are still in 0-3 Months Clothes but you will move up soon...at least for some things.
* You got to see your first snow...even though you didn't want to look at it...it was very bright outside.
* You are starting to know the difference between who is holding you and if you don't want that person to hold you...you are not shy about telling EVERYONE around.
* Your belly still has its issues...but they get better and better.
* Mommy left you with Amanda for the first time this month...to go see a movie with Daddy.
* When you get hungry you don't cry you SCREAM!
* You have decided that you like to grab handfuls of Mommies hair...Mommy doesn't like this so much.

Its almost Christmas and we are so excited.

@ 3 Months

@ 2 Months

 Watching Mickey Mouse
 I love my floor mat.
 Christmas Outfits.....


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